Ferenc Gyircsany – Photo: YouTube

Fidesz spokesman: Gyurcsany, ‘who lied to the Hungarian people, still leads left wing’

The ruling Fidesz party's communications director said in a video message on Wednesday that former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, "who confessed to lying to the Hungarian people" 15 years ago "still leads Hungary's left wing".

Marking the 15th anniversary of a leaked speech Gyurcsany made at a closed-door Socialist party meeting in Oszod, in which he said his government had been “lying day and night”, Istvan Hollik said: “There isn’t any other Gyurcsany”, adding that the current leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition had “confessed to deceiving the Hungarian people”.

“Today’s left is the same as the old. Nothing has changed,” the Fidesz politician said.

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