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Fidesz protests ‘petty attack’ on Hungarian member of EU audit office

Ildiko Gall Pelcz, a Hungarian member of the European Court of Auditors, has suffered a "petty leftist political attack", MEPs of ruling Fidesz said in a statement late on Wednesday.

Gall Pelcz, nominated for another term in the audit office, was interviewed in the European Parliament Committee for Budgetary Control, where leftist members of the body “voted against her clearly for political reasons and in disregard of all professional arguments”, the statement said.

Signatories to the statement insisted that Gall Pelz was “one of the most suited and most excellent members” of the audit office.

The EP is scheduled to vote on Gall Pelz’s re-election on June 1, while the final decision is up to the European Council, the MEPs said.

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