The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz proposes introduction of Hungarian asset declaration system in EP

MEPs of ruling Fidesz has proposed introducing Hungary's asset declaration system to the European Parliament in an effort to "put an end to corruption in Brussels and restore public trust".

A statement issued on Friday said that Fidesz group leader in the EP Tamas Deutsch asked EP President Roberta Metsola and EP group leaders to consider the introduction of the Hungarian asset declaration system in order to improve transparency.

In an effort to address European Union concerns, Hungary initially amended its previous asset declaration system by adopting the EP’s system “word by word”, Deutch said. However, the European Commission then ruled that this was not acceptable and obliged Hungary to return to its stricter original system, which was then unanimously described by the EC, the EP and the Council of the European Union as a basic pillar of constitutionality, he added.

Based on this, “we propose that the EP should introduce the Hungarian parliament’s current asset declaration system” because since its reintroduction it has fully complied with the EC’s constitutionality requirements and “it could certainly contribute to the elimination of corruption in the European Parliament”, he said.

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