David Pressmann, the US ambassador to Hungary - Photo: hu.usembassy.gov

Fidesz: ‘Pro-war Gyurcsanys’ consulted with ‘pro-war US ambassador’

The "pro-war" leading figures of the opposition Democratic Coalition, Ferenc Gyurcsany and his wife Klara Dobrev, "today met an American representative who supports the war," the ruling Fidesz party said in a statement on Thursday, referring to David Pressman, the US ambassador to Hungary.

“[US President Joe] Biden’s man, David Pressman, hosted the meeting with Mrs Gyurcsany,” the statement said. As well as Pressman, Jason Crow, “one of the most vocal pro-war American Democratic politicians” attended the meeting, it added.

“Just as David Pressman has always tried to educate the Hungarian government about what’s good for Hungary and the Hungarian people, Jason Crow did the same…” Fidesz said, adding that Crow had explicitly declared prior to the meeting that the purpose of his visit was in support of Ukraine.

The sole purpose of the meeting was to find ways to “drag Hungary into” the war in Ukraine “as soon as possible” and involve the country in “massive arms deliveries”, Fidesz said.

The Americans were getting the DK politicians to continue to vote for sanctions that have negative consequences for Hungary’s economy, the statement said.

Hungary backs peace and a quick cessation to hostilities and will not supply weapons to Ukraine, it added.

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