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Fidesz: Polish government ‘trampling on rule of law’

Poland's government headed by Donald Tusk "is trampling on the rule of law while the European Commission looks away," MEPs of Hungary's ruling Fidesz said on Friday. "The application of double standards by Brussels is shocking," they said.

MEPs of Fidesz and its Christian Democrat ally have inquired to the Commission in writing about the Polish government’s recent measures, the statement said. “It is easy to imagine … what would have happened had all this taken place in Budapest under Viktor Orbán’s premiership,” it added.

According to Fidesz, the EC “has fiercely held Hungary to account concerning the rule of law in recent years while now they are shrouded in silence … that silence indicates the Commission is applying double standards in terms of issues around the rule of law.”

The MEPs have asked the Commission for its position on whether “a forceful takeover of the public media, bypassing national laws, is compatible with the rule of law”, and whether such an act could be committed without violating the freedom and pluralism of the media.

They also wanted to know “how the Commission wants to ensure that the rule of law is measured by the same standards in each member state, irrespective of their governments and their political affiliation.”

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