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Fidesz: Opposition danger to Hungarian livelihoods

Hungary's united opposition is jeopardising the security of the Hungarian public by making "irresponsible remarks" in connection with the war in Ukraine, and their economic policies would compromise their livelihoods, according to Fidesz.

“The left wing has … constantly criticised the Fidesz-Christian Democratic government’s measures to protect Hungarians,” the communications director of the ruling party, Istvan Hollik, said in a video message on Wednesday.

“Fuel prices would most certainly be higher” if the opposition’s policies were implemented, Hollik said, noting the opposition refusal to support the government’s cap on fuel prices and other measures to reduce inflation.

Nor would the 13th month pension have been restored, “a measure Peter Marki-Zay branded as stupid”, the Fidesz politician said, referring to the opposition’s prime ministerial candidate.

Household bills would also be much higher, he said, insisting that Marki-Zay planned to abolish government price caps on utilities. Meanwhile, Hungarian businesses would face corporate tax increases, he added.

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