Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Fidesz: Only president can exercise right of clemency

The right of clemency is one that only the president can exercise, "irrespective of whether or not we individually agree" with a given pardon, ruling Fidesz's parliamentary group leader said on Facebook on Tuesday.

Regarding the opposition furore over a presidential pardon given to an official connected with a paedophile, Mate Kocsis said the left wing should be “silent” on the issue after it had refused to vote for Hungary’s child protection law in 2021, opposed the creation of a registry of paedophile offenders and wanted to make the 2022 referendum on the child protection law invalid.

“This is the same left wing that today would still let gender propaganda into schools and kindergartens and which, together with their Western allies, challenged the child protection law imposing stricter punishment for paedophilia at Brussels-based forums,” he said.

Kocsis said it was “interesting” that the left “wasn’t this vocal” when an activist linked to an opposition MP “was found to be in possession of 70,000 paedophilic images”, or when a Democratic Coalition politician and business weekly HVG “defended one paedophile offender after another”.

He said the left and the “dollar media” had also not been bothered by the opposition mayor of Budapest’s 8th district “campaigning together” with a “notorious paedophile” or by a Jobbik politician getting caught committing a crime related to child pornography.

“Hungarians see through . the left’s deceitful and two-faced stunts and constant lies,” Kocsis said. “The left and the dollar media kept attacking the child protection and anti-paedophile measures, so it’s best for them to keep silent right now.”


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