Photo: MTI

Fidesz official: Hungarian security paramount

A political consensus is needed on recognising the paramount importance of the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people in connection with the war unfolding in Ukraine, the leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group said on Friday.

Hungary is well prepared for all eventualities regarding the conflict, Mate Kocsis told the media in Parliament after attending a closed-door meeting of the defence and law enforcement committee in which the heads of national defence and law enforcement gave a briefing on the situation in Ukraine.

Hungary is ready to provide humanitarian aid and to fulfil its duties arising from its membership of NATO and EU, Kocsis said.

“Hungary won’t be sending troops or weapons to Ukraine,” Kocsis said. “We don’t want to take part in this conflict.”

In the closed committee session, he said, it was “reassuring” that the tone of opposition members was more moderate than in their public statements.

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