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Fidesz MPs propose resolution to denounce ‘political pressure’ against Hungary

Deputies of ruling Fidesz have proposed a parliamentary resolution rejecting "political pressure opposing Hungary's interests", in connection with recent decrees by Germany's Bundestag and the Dutch parliament, relating to the Hungarian government's negotiations with the European Commission on EU funds for Hungary.

The proposed resolution would confirm Hungary’s commitment to the EU’s fundamental values and protection of its finances, noting that the Hungarian government has recently “made and fulfilled” 17 actual commitments.

Signatories to the draft regretted that the parliaments of “some” member states would “leave the regulated framework of EU negotiations conducted between certain players” and “resort to exerting political pressure”. They also noted that the European Commission cannot “take instructions from the institutions of member states or other agencies”. They also said EU law “clearly defines the procedural regulations and indicates the EU agencies through which the compliance of member states with requirements to access EU funds could be evaluated” and added that “Germany or the Netherlands do not have such powers”.

Through adopting the statement, the Hungarian parliament could “reject blackmail by Germany and the Netherlands”, they said.

Just as Hungary’s national assembly “does not interfere with the life of the German and Dutch people, the legislation and other institutions of the two countries are expected to do the same”, the MPs said.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said it would not support the resolution.

Deputy group leader Gergely Arato told an online press conference that the German and Dutch decrees had said Hungary was not governed by the rule of law, and “the Orban government is not seeking to eliminate graft, but to continue to use EU funds in a corrupt way.”

“Neither the Dutch nor the Germans are responsible for the fact that the government has been stealing EU funds for the past 12 years; as they are not going to be responsible either for that fact that Hungary will most likely lose a significant part of EU funding,” he said.

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