Country's economic performance runs the risk of being "reduced to ashes" by the coronavirus

Fidesz MP: Hungarians ‘cannot count on’ Leftist opposition in pandemic defence

Hungarians "cannot count" on the help of left-wing opposition parties when it comes to protection efforts against the novel coronavirus epidemic, the ruling Fidesz party's parliamentary group leader said in an interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Sunday morning.

Mate Kocsis said there was no need to grant Hungary’s government any special powers during the second wave as Hungary’s health-care system was well-equipped and legally prepared to handle it.

In the government’s latest National Consultation survey of the public, some 2 million citizens signalled that protection measures were needed but the country and economy must remain functional, he said, adding that if Hungarians stuck to the rules, then protection efforts would work.

Hungary’s economic performance runs the risk of being “reduced to ashes” by the pandemic, even though it was “in great shape” in the period before Covid-19, Kocsis said.

Meanwhile, Kocsis accused the left-wing opposition of not caring about protection efforts against the virus and had cast aside “opportunities to find a consensus regarding the tasks ahead”. By refusing to support the extension of special protection measures in the spring, the opposition showed it was incapable of cooperation.

“They continue to wreak havoc with unfounded accusations, lies and fake news,” Kocsis said. “They still have not grasped the fact that misinformation can cost lives in a pandemic,” he added.

Regarding the opposition Democratic Coalition’s (DK) referendum drive to make coronavirus testing available free of charge, Kocsis insisted the Hungarian testing routine followed World Health Organisation guidelines. The tests are free when prescribed by doctors and available for a set price for everyone else, he said, calling DK’s proposal “political posturing”.

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