Fidesz MEPs welcome inclusion of nuclear energy, gas in EU taxonomy

MEPs of governing Fidesz welcomed a decision by the European Commission on Wednesday to include, conditionally, gas and nuclear energy in its taxonomy of sustainable activities.

“Large volumes of cheap, emission-free electricity can be generated using safe, environmentally-friendly nuclear energy and gas,” MEP Edina Toth said.

MEP Andras Gyurk said acknowledging nuclear energy and gas in the taxonomy was “the only proper thing to do”. He added that Brussels’ energy policy “built on high energy prices is unacceptable to citizens”.

The EC decision adds “certain” nuclear and gas activities “as transitional activities” into the taxonomy, setting out “clear and strict” conditions.

“These stringent conditions are: for both gas and nuclear, that they contribute to the transition to climate neutrality; for nuclear, that it fulfils nuclear and environmental safety requirements; and for gas, that it contributes to the transition from coal to renewables,” the EC said.

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