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Szijjarto: Hungary energy supplies safe

Fidesz MEPs to vote against embargo on Russian oil, gas imports

MEPs of Hungary's ruling Fidesz will vote against a proposal for an embargo on oil, gas and nuclear fuel imports from Russia, Fidesz MEP Kinga Gal said on Thursday.

Such a measure would “kill the Hungarian economy” and would make Hungarian families be the ones to pay the price of war, Gal said on Facebook.

“We stand by Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, we condemn Russian aggression, and therefore in the interest of European unity we will support the EP resolution in the final vote,” she said. “We do all this while rejecting proposals in the European Parliament and all other European institutions to impose an embargo on gas, crude oil and the peaceful use of nuclear energy.”

Szijjarto: Hungary energy supplies safe

Hungary’s energy supplies are safe as Europe and Hungary are facing challenges due to the war in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday, on the sidelines of the second day of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

The Hungarian government has an obligation to guarantee the security of Hungarians, including energy security, he said. Therefore, the government will oppose all sanctions against Russia that would hinder the delivery of crude oil and natural gas to Hungary, he said.

Nuclear energy is another key element of energy security, Szijjarto said. The nuclear power plant at Paks produces 49.6 percent of electricity in Hungary and covers over one-third of the country’s electricity needs, he said.

Hungary has managed to obtain all permissions to obtain fuel rods for the plant in an alternative route through air cargo via Belarus, Poland and Slovakia, to replace the original deliveries by rail from Russia via Ukraine which has become “impossible”, he said.

The first delivery of fuel rods arrived on the new route on Wednesday, he said.

The European Union is in talks on another set of sanctions against Russia, he said. The Hungarian government sees sanctions impacting nuclear energy supplies as “a red line”, he said.

Szijjarto noted the importance of energy independence. The Paks plant is for Hungary a guarantee “to be less vulnerable to world market developments”, he said.

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