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Fidesz MEPs to turn to EC over Bulgaria gas transit price hike

Bulgaria's decision to raise the transit price of gas is a "hostile move" and against European Union regulations, and Hungary is expecting immediate answers from the European Commission on the matter, Fidesz MEP Andras Gyurk said on Friday.

Bulgaria’s decision to raise trasit prices a week ago without prior notice may put Hungary’s energy supplies at risk and contradicts the principle of energy solidarity enshrined in the European Treaty, Gyurk said.

The MEP group of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz has turned to the EC with questions requiring immediate answers on the matter, he said.

The price hike could put the energy supplies of Hungary and Serbia at risk and destabilise energy markets, he said.

Fidesz MEPs expect information on planned countermeasures from the EC. It also expects the EC to state that it still sees member states’ energy mix as a national competency, he said. The transit fee hike may put limits on that competency, he added.

Energy security and protecting citizens from high energy prices is a matter of sovereignty, he said.

“We will not leave the hostile Bulgarian step without answer. Hungary will defend its sovereignty, whether together with the EC or against Brussels bureaucrats,” he said.

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