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Fidesz MEPs: ‘Another EP debate about Hungary based on false accusations in the works’

Ruling Fidesz's MEPs said on Tuesday that the "dollar left" in Hungary was continuing its efforts to prevent the unlocking of EU funds for the country and preparing the ground for yet another debate in the European Parliament about Hungary "on the basis of false accusations", according to a statement released by the group on Tuesday.

In the statement, the MEPs said that the four left-wing groupings of the EP held a joint press conference on Monday at which Germany’s Green MEP Daniel Freund and Hungary’s left-wing MEP Katalin Cseh “repeated their usual false accusations and lies” that according to the Fidesz MEPs had been raised by “the Hungarian dollar left led by Ferenc Gyurcsany in the recent period”. This, the MEPs said, was their usual playbook based on which the EP was preparing to discredit Hungary again in a plenary debate.

At Monday’s press conference, MEPs of the four left-wing EP groups presented “a political pamphlet full of accusations and lies” with the aim “to pressure again the European Commission to withhold funding Hungary is entitled to”, serving thereby the political purposes of the European and Hungarian left, the Fidesz MEPs said.

“The left-wing MEPs directly threatened the Commission in a rude and anti-democratic manner indicating that if it unlocked funding to Hungary, the body had to face the serious political consequences of that decision,” they said.

The Hungarian “dollar left” and their “European buddies” are making “desperate efforts” as they see that the Hungarian government’s talks with the European Commission are faring well, the MEPs added.

They vowed to “continue to work towards ensuring that Hungary and the Hungarian people gain access to the funds they are entitled to as soon as possible”.

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