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Fidesz MEP: Utility price cuts ‘setting example in Europe’

The energy crisis has prompted 24 European Union member states to "follow the Hungarian example" and introduce measures to cut household utility prices, Fidesz MEP Andras Gyurk said on Thursday.

A survey of the Bruegel Institute of Brussels has shown that eight countries have also introduced similar price caps to those in Hungary, Gyurk said.

The government’s measures since 2013 to protect Hungarians have become “an example to follow in the whole of Europe,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gyurk slammed the opposition, saying they rejected affordable and safe energy resources. “Their candidate for prime minister, Peter Marki-Zay, has cynically proposed that people should consume less water, electricity and gas,” he said.

“Marki-Zay’s left wing has been proven wrong by the courageous stance of Hungarians, as well as 90 percent of the European Union. The fight goes on, with the national policy of utility price cuts standing against a leftist ideology leading to high energy prices — that is at stake at the April elections,” he said.

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