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Fidesz MEP slams leftist opposition for thwarting proposal on Islamist terrorism

Leftist MEPs of the European Parliament, including those of Hungary's Democratic Coalition and Momentum parties, on Monday voted down a right-wing proposal to put issues around Islamist terrorism in Europe on the agenda, ruling Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi told public media.

“Europe’s left wing refused to talk about terrorist acts committed by migrants, while innocent Europeans are slain in the street” he said, insisting that “forced immigration and the wave of terrorism sweeping across Europe are closely related”. He also suggested that the perpetrators “may have travelled on a migrant ship of a leftist NGO just a month ago”.

“Every life is equally important, but for the left wing, innocent European lives are just a little less,” the MEP said, noting that a discussion in the European Parliament’s LIBE civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee focused on the recent fire at a refugee camp in Greece.

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