Fidesz MEP slams EU for handling energy crisis ‘wrong’

The European Union is managing the current energy crisis just as badly as it has handled the migration crisis since 2015, an MEP of ruling Fidesz told MTI in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Kinga Gal, speaking on the sidelines of an European Parliamentary plenary, said that “Brussels’s reactions are delayed, they make mistake after mistake, while they should have acted at least six months ago to prevent a sudden jump in energy prices”.

Gal said it was “obvious” that Europe’s gas storage facilities were not filled up and “the EU, rather than focusing on that problem, is defaming Hungary and Poland instead, using the rule of law as a tool for blackmail”.

Noting the pressure of illegal migration along the community’s eastern and southern borders, Gal insisted that the European Commission was “sweeping that problem under the carpet” and rather than “cooperating in good faith, it is again punishing member states that have in fact done something towards resolving it”.

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