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Fidesz MEP: Return to ‘sobriety’ at stake

At stake in the June European Parliament elections is whether or not there will be a return to "sobriety", Balazs Hidveghi, an MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, said in Budapest on Tuesday.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Szent Istvan Institute and the Batthyany Lajos Foundation, Hidveghi underscored the importance of communicating clearly with voters in the campaign’s home stretch.

He said his party was constantly engaged in “sharp debates” with the Brussels leadership on matters pertaining to values, family rights, migration and the war.

The MEP said the most important divide concerned the question of whether the EU should function as “a Europe of nations” or as a federal and centralised system, adding that decisions affecting people’s everyday lives should happen at the level of member states.

Hidveghi said that since the EU did not have a constitution, its leadership wanted to take powers away from the national governments indirectly.

He said centralisation left more and more room for abuse, which also coincided with the rise of “extreme leftist, aggressive, neo-Marxist woke ideology” which aimed to reshape traditional European cultures and societies.

But Hungary, he said, was successfully resisting attacks in Europe against traditional Christian values, those defending sovereignty which he said could be considered a “totalitarian regime”, arguing that “they’re employing harsh means to exert political pressure”.

The MEP argued that the “pro-war policy” was aimed at undermining “Eurasian cooperation”, which was in the interest of the United States, not of Europe.

He called for the formation of a European Commission after the EP elections that accepts the diversity of European nations and returns “to the grounds of sobriety”.

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