Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEP: Hungary won’t implement EU migrant quota

Hungary will not implement Brussels's "flawed" decisions on mandatory resettlement quotas and the establishment of "migrant ghettos" under any circumstances, Tamas Deutsch, the head of ruling Fidesz's EP delegation, said in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Speaking to Hungarian reporters, Deutsch cited the “failed ideology and political practice of multiculturalism” as the reason behind the recent migration-related proposals adopted by the council of EU interior ministers.

Under the draft legislation, the EU’s new migration laws would incorporate mandatory migrant resettlement quotas and member states would be required to set up camps for migrants, Deutsch said.

He said the aim of the draft legislation was to “implement the Soros plan supporting mass illegal migration”.

The Fidesz MEP said the plan entailed “the import of at least a million migrants a year” and a resettlement quota scheme without an upper limit. Member states that refuse to accommodate migrants would be made to pay 20,000 euros per migrant, and border fences would have to be dismantled, he added.

Under the plan, up to 40,000 migrants could be resettled in Hungary each year and the Hungarian authorities would have to assess tens of thousands of asylum applications, he said.

Hungary will not implement this decision under any circumstances, Deutsch said, adding that the country deserved recognition for preventing the entry of more than one million migrants into the European Union with the help of its border fence over the last five years.

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