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Fidesz MEP hails EP right-wing cooperation on Euro 7

The new Euro 7 emission standards would have "wrecked" Europe's automotive industry, but right-wing cooperation in the European Parliament successfully pushed for a version to avoid that risk, an MEP of ruling Fidesz said in Brussels on Wednesday.

In the Euro 7 proposal, the European Commission and left-wing MEPs proposed regulations curbing greenhouse gas emissions to a degree that would have seriously harmed the industry, Edina Toth told MTI on the sidelines of a plenary session of the EP that tabled the proposal.

Has the proposal been adopted in its original form, it would have led to factory closures, rising vehicle prices and a “wrecked car industry”, she said.

Thanks to the pushback from right-wing parties, an EP committee adopted an amended proposal. Under the new version, Euro 7 will be implemented from 2030 only. Cars and light-weight cargo vehicles will use the Euro 6 standards until then, she said.

The threshold and deadlines set in Euro 7 would have hobbled industrial development, she said.

The EP will vote on the proposal on Thursday.

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