The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEP group: No legal obstacles to EU payments

There are no longer any legal obstacles to the European Union releasing blocked funding to Hungary, Fidesz MEPs said in a statement on Monday.

The Fidesz MEP group noted that an EP budget control committee delegation visited Hungary in mid-May and presented its report on Monday.

The purpose of the “so-called fact-finding delegation” was to examine progress made by Hungary with a view to unblocking EU funds, a process which “Brussels used as political pressure”.

“The report includes the usual political charges from left-wing representatives that had a majority in the committee… [but] clearly acknowledges the positive outcomes of Hungary’s anti-corruption and judicial reforms,” the Fidesz statement said.

The report, it added, was “a serious step forward” in Hungary accessing EU funds, notwithstanding the committee’s “fundamentally biased position” on these issues hitherto.

Based on the report’s substantive findings, “it is now clear that not a single issue” should prevent the release of EU funds, the statement said. The “Brussels bureaucracy should now concede that there are no legal obstacles to making EU payments”, it added.

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