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Fidesz MEP: European agriculture must be addressed at next week’s EU summit

Next week's summit of EU leaders must address the situation of European agriculture, Fidesz MEP Kinga Gal said in a statement on Tuesday.

Far from merely being a technical or subsidy matter, agriculture was a serious strategic issue that would “determine the European economy and the lives of European people for decades to come”, Gal said.

Meanwhile, she called for a stronger European defence policy and industry, noting that Hungary supports boosting European defence policy based on “a more robust European defence industry”.

A renewed focus on defence must be reflected in the EU structures and the budget resources allocated to it, she added.

Also, European security fundamentally depended on preventing illegal immigration at the external borders, Gal said.

Noting European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s recent announcement of accession negotiations with Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Fidesz MEP said the European integration of the Western Balkans was a top priority for Hungary.


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