The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEP: EP’s rejection of climate tax proposal is a ‘big win for Fidesz’

MEPs have voted down a revision of the EU emissions trading scheme, Fidesz MEP Edina Toth said on Wednesday, insisting the vote was "a big win for Fidesz MEPs" who fought against the climate tax being broadened to cover people and families.

“The vote shows clearly that the climate package is bleeding from several wounds,” Toth said in a statement, adding that it enjoyed neither political nor social support.

Brussels’ plan would make citizens and families pay for its green policies, she said, calling this “unacceptable”. Major polluters should bear the costs of greening, not ordinary people, the statement added.

The tax would also put the Hungarian cap on household utility bills in danger and stoke inflation, the statement said.

Fidesz MEPs will carry on fighting against the proposal, she added.

A majority of MEPs today rejected the proposal to broaden the EU’s carbon trading scheme, introduce a carbon tax and create a social climate protection fund.

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