A plenary session of the European Parliament - Photo: europarl.europa.eu

Fidesz MEP: ‘Dollar left attack’ on Hungary part of political ‘madhouse’

The latest, "incredibly strong and vicious attack" of the Hungarian "dollar left" was part of a political "madhouse", an MEP of ruling Fidesz told public radio on Friday.

In the interview, Tamas Deutsch commented on a resolution adopted at the last session of the European Parliament before the elections raising concerns regarding the Hungarian judiciary, media and corruption.

He said the document “contains every lie and slander . levelled against Hungary by the Hungarian dollar left and their European comrades, liberals, communists and the European People’s Party which has joined the left.”

He said that the new aspect of the “attack” was an open request from representatives of the “Hungarian dollar left” to bar Hungarians from EU development funds, and to take away the monies “Hungarians could finally access this cycle.”

That step would strip teachers of their wage hikes, and newly elected local authorities could not access development funds, he said.

While it is unlikely that those funds would be blocked again, “Brussels often acts according to the logic of political authoritarianism,” he said. He cited the “Erasmus issue” as an example, insisting that Hungarian universities participating in the government reform were barred from the programme unlawfully. He insisted the aim was to harm the government and people of countries conducting policies unpopular in Brussels as a means to pressure them into changing those policies.

At the same time, despite all criticism from Brussels, Hungary’s government had won two-thirds majorities at elections, showing that leftist policies were not effective, he said.

He said he trusted that conservative, sovereigntist forces would prevail at the June 9 elections, putting an end to the “inglorious progressive liberal phase of the EU”.

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