Fidesz MEP: Britain and Hungary share the same vision of Europe

Britain and Hungary share the same vision of Europe which involves free cooperation of sovereign nation states without an overcentralised and bureocratic European Union, ruling Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi said in an English-language interview on Sky News.

Hidveghi said during the interview with journalist Adam Boulton that he believed the main reason for Brexit was that the Brits were not happy with how the EU was moving forward. He added that Hungary had always looked upon Britain with great respect for its history and for its stance in international affairs. While Hungary regretted to see the UK leave the EU, it is very important to maintain bilateral relationships, he said.

Hungary and the UK are allies in NATO and in the Council of Europe, where Hungarian representatives share a party group with the Tory party, he said.

Commenting on illegal migration, Hidveghi said “when we talk about human rights it has to be talking about the human rights of all the people, not only migrants but also of European citizens”.

“I’m glad to see that European leaders now, including Brussels leaders, are now saying the lines and opinions that Mr Orban was saying six years ago,” he said. “Back at that time he was very much criticized by a lot of people,” he added.

Migration policy has to reflect reality, Europe cannot continue letting in hundreds and thousands or millions of illegal migrants, he said.

“We have to reestablish border control … and then we can talk about each member state should decide what they want to do about migrants,” he added.

“That has to remain a member state decision and Brussels cannot dictate to us in what kind of country we want to live in,” Hidveghi said.

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