Jozsef Szajer – Photo: wikipedia

Szajer denied allegations that he had used drugs at the party

Fidesz MEP apologises for breaching lockdown rules

Jozsef Szajer, an MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, has apologised for violating lockdown rules by attending a house party in Brussels last Friday. He has also extended his apology to his family, colleagues and his supporters.

Szajer issued a statement on Tuesday in response to Belgian media reports on a party attended by an MEP. In the statement Szajer acknowledged that he was present at the event and indicated to police officers at the scene that he was an MEP. However, because he did not have his ID with him, the authorities investigated the incident and issued him a verbal warning before taking him home.

Szajer denied allegations that he had used drugs at the party, saying he had offered to be tested, but the police declined his offer.

Police reported finding ecstasy pills in Szajer’s possession, which the politician said were not his. Szajer said he did not know how the pills had ended up in his possession, adding that he had reaffirmed this in an official statement to police.

The MEP said it was irresponsible of him to violate Belgium’s lockdown rules. He said he was prepared to face any penalties for his action he regretted.

Szajer said he had faced the consequences of the incident by resigning as an MEP.

Szajer announced his resignation on Sunday, effective December 31, saying that his decision marked the end of a “long period of reflection”.

“I have drawn the personal and political consequences [of my action] in form of the resignation I tendered on Sunday. I apologise to my family, colleagues and supporters and I am asking them to assess my misstep in light of the 30 years of dedicated work [as a politician],” Szajer said in the statement.

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