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Fidesz maintains lead

The ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties have maintained solid lead ahead of the opposition parties with support of 52 percent, a recent poll conducted by Nezopont Institute and released on Monday showed.

Among the opposition parties, the Democratic Coalition (DK) remained the strongest, supported by 12 percent, and can be seen “as a winner” since last April’s general election, according to the poll published in daily Magyar Nemzet.

The radical Mi Hazank party, which entered parliament last year, has significantly increased its voter base to 9 percent.

Support for the satirical Two-Tailed Dog party has gun up three-fold, to also 9 percent, Nezopont said.

The pollster said Momentum would just make it into parliament by clearing the five-percent threshold.

Among the other opposition parties, neither Jobbik, nor the Socialists, LMP or Parbeszed would receive enough votes to enter parliament if the election was held on Sunday, said the poll.

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