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Fidesz lawmaker files criminal report over Chain Bridge renovation

Ruling Fidesz lawmaker Gyula Budai said on Wednesday that he has filed a criminal report concerning the renovation of Budapest's landmark Chain Bridge.

Budai said on Facebook he recently received a letter containing information that indicated graft in connection with the renovation project. He added that he submitted a criminal report to the National Bureau of Investigation including an allegation of public corruption. “I attached the letter … and asked the authority” to investigate, he said.

Gyulai said the tax office NAV has been conducting an investigation against lawyer Mor Vig and his partners concerning budget fraud.

“Press reports indicate that Mor Vig’s law firm received transfers of billions of forints from A-Hid Zrt, the company carrying out the Chain Bridge renovation project, and Mor Vig then forwarded the monies to a private account and the lawyer’s deposit account, of which 900 million forints was withdrawn in cash,” he added.

The recently published results of a KEHI investigation showed that A-Hid made several transfers totalling 1.5 billion forints to Vig’s company between November 2020 and January 2022, he said.

According to the letter, Vig regularly visited a security company’s office in the Mammut department store in Budapest which had links with A-Hid. After settling accounts with the security company’s head, significant sums were transferred to the Budapest metropolitan council, Budai said.

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