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Fidesz launches phone campaign to mobilise voters

Hungary's ruling Fidesz party will begin reaching out to voters by phone and in person to encourage them to cast their ballot for the party in next week's general election "in the interest of preserving peace and security", Fidesz's communications director said on Saturday.

Fidesz’s activists have been campaigning across the country in recent weeks and have met some 40,000 people in over 200 locations, Istvan Hollik told MTI.

Fidesz clearly sees that what people want most is for Hungary to stay out of the war, he said.

At stake in the April 3 ballot is the choice between war and peace and between progress and destruction, Hollik said. “We’re moving forward, not backwards,” he added.

From Saturday, Fidesz’s MP candidates and over 10,000 activists will reach out to voters in person and by phone, asking them to vote for Fidesz and the allied ruling Christian Democrats in the interest of preserving the country’s peace and security, Hollik said.

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