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Fidesz-KDNP: ‘War or peace, failed past or successful future’ at stake

Hungarians will have to decide between war and peace and between the "failed past and a successful future" when they head to the polls on April 3, Mate Kocsis, the group leader of ruling Fidesz said on Thursday, presenting his party's platform on news channel M1 within the timeframe allotted under election campaign rules.

Under campaign rules, representatives of national parties and party alliances each had the opportunity to introduce their election programmes in 5-minute live interviews broadcast by a public media channel over the past three weeks.

Kocsis told M1 that only ruling Fidesz could guarantee the protection of Hungary’s security, pensions and pensioners. “Only Fidesz will maintain the family support schemes and will be able to keep the country’s economy going in a time of a crisis,” he said.

Voters on April 3 will have to reject the left’s proposal that Hungary should send weapons and troops to Ukraine, Kocsis told M1 and public broadcaster Kossuth Radio, underscoring the importance of Hungary staying out of the war.

Voters will also have to reject the left’s other proposal of cutting off Russian natural gas supplies to Hungary, Kocsis said, insisting that such a measure would induce a deep economic crisis and put a serious burden on Hungarian households.

“Sunday’s ballot will be crucial in deciding whether a failed past will make a comeback in Hungary,” he said.

The leftist governments that were in power between 2002 and 2010 already showed how they govern, Kocsis said, arguing that they had scrapped the 13-month pension and 13th-month pay, increased taxes excessively, increased household utility costs 15 times, destroyed local governments, pushed Hungary into debt and destroyed its economy. “This too will have to be rejected on April 3,” he said.

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