Photo: MTI

Fidesz: Karacsony refusing to answer questions on City Hall case

Instead of answering questions, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony was "busy making accusations" at Monday's meeting of the investigative committee set up to examine allegations that the city administration was planning to sell the City Hall building, a Fidesz district mayor has said.

Because the alliance backing Karacsony has a majority in the investigative committee, they had determined in advance what sort of questions the mayor would answer and how long the meeting would go on for, Peter Kovacs, the mayor of Budapest’s 16th district, told commercial television channel TV2 on Wednesday.

“So they were trying to help him quite a bit so that he wouldn’t do the kind of silly things he ended up doing,” Kovacs said.

He said the city leadership’s reactions to the case indicated that they were “hiding something”. Kovacs added the “way things are playing out” indicated that City Hall had indeed been for sale.

At the Monday meeting, Karacsony said allegations that the city council had been planning to sell City Hall were “unfounded and false”. He also rejected claims that the city council’s finances were opaque. The city council’s finances are transparent, Karacsony said, insisting that the “entire affair is a sham” and allegations made against the city council were unsubstantiated.

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