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Fidesz group leader blasts left for ‘politicising’ pandemic response

Mate Kocsis, ruling Fidesz's parliamentary group leader, on Monday slammed Hungary's left-wing opposition for "politicising" the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The third wave of the pandemic is upon us,” Kocsis said in parliament. “The left is also aware of this, yet they’re not willing to vote to extend the special legal order.”

“Not even in our worst nightmares did we think that reality could hurl a third wave into our everyday lives, but it has,” the group leader said. “This is how things stand in Europe and how they stand in Hungary. The virus hasn’t spared anyone.”

Kocsis said it was “baffling” as to why the left was engaging in “an anti-vaccine and anti-consultation campaign”, adding that their arguments against extending the special legal order introduced to contain the spread of the coronavirus were also “completely unfathomable”.

He said that by refusing to back the extension of the special legal order, the left “might as well admit to their voters that if it were up to them, troubled sectors wouldn’t be getting any wage support”.

The left’s vote against the special legal order a”lso means scrapping the moratorium on loan repayments, payroll tax cuts and the rent waiver for businesses using state or local council for premises”, Kocsis insisted. “They’d also scrap wage increases for general practitioners, the home renovation subsidy as well as ever single protective measure [against the pandemic],” he said.

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