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Fidesz expects answer from ‘dollar-left’ to six questions

Fidesz expects answers from left-wing opposition parties to six questions concerning their efforts "to prevent Hungary from accessing EU funds it is entitled to", the party's communications director said on Thursday.

“The leader of the dollar-left has let slip twice that they have been working hard to prevent the payment of funds by the EU to Hungary,” Istvan Hollik told a press conference, making reference to recent “revealing” remarks by Ferenc Gyurcsany, the leader of the Democratic Coalition.

He insisted that the DK leader’s remarks were proof that “a political witch-hunt is going on against Hungary”. He said Gyurcsany had admitted to engaging in “political blackmail” aimed at weakening the conservative government.

Tamas Deutsch, the leader of Fidesz’s EP group, told the same press conference that it was “an open violation” of fundamental laws on impartiality by the European Commission “to hold talks with the dollar-left” on the issue of funds.

He called it “shameful” that Hungarian left-wing politicians had turned against their own nation to bolster their own political prospects.

Deutsch said Fidesz wanted to know, in the light of Gyurcsany’s remarks, why the left-wing parties had not told the truth about their actions concerning EU funds, which left-wing representatives had participated in political consultations held “behind closed doors”, and whether it was “a democratic move by DK to run to Brussels and exert political pressure on Hungary just a year after Hungarian voters expressed, in an election, that they did not want that party in government.”

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