The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz: European leaders should represent European interests

It is time European leaders represented European interests instead of those of others, ruling Fidesz's communications director said on Tuesday in reaction to recent remarks by the US secretary of state on the war in Ukraine.

In a video on Facebook, Istvan Hollik played a clip of Antony Blinken saying that 90 percent of the United States’ security assistance had been spent in the US, making it “a win-win that we need to continue”.

Hollik said it was “insensitive” of Blinken to talk about the war in Hungary’s neighbouring country as a “win-win” when there were a hundred people dying in the conflict each day.

He added that Blinken’s statement “also makes it clear that continuing the war is simply in America’s financial interest”.

Meanwhile, “Europe’s leadership is lying low” and echoing the United States’ arguments without seeking the opinion of the people, and forcing war instead of peace, Hollik said.

“That’s why change is needed in Brussels,” he said. “It’s time European leaders finally represented European interests, and not the interests of others.”

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