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Fidesz: EU makes no effort to avert crises

The European Union makes no effort to avert the crises that arise on the continent and always finds itself reacting to them, Richard Horcsik, the (Fidesz) head of parliament's European affairs committee, told an international conference in Krasiczyn, in southern Poland, on Saturday.

The EU failed to take the necessary steps to avert either the 2008 financial crisis or the 2015 and more recent migration crises, Horcsik told the 32nd Europe of the Carpathians conference organised by the Polish Sejm. The last time the bloc had done anything proactive, he said, had been its enlargement in 2004.

Concerning the situation in Ukraine, Horcsik said Europe was seeing increasingly greater threats to its security which concerned the entire Carpathian region.

The threats seen on the eastern part of the continent also affect the Visegrad Group, he said, adding that the migration crises on the Serbia-Hungary and Belarus-Poland borders last year had been organised crises.

Horcsik said Europe needed to be better protected against migration waves, underlining the need for regional cooperation.

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