Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz deputy head: Migration greatest threat

Migration is the greatest threat hanging over Hungary as it cannot be rectified "if we get it wrong just once", the deputy head of ruling Fidesz told the 30th party congress on Saturday.

“If we don’t protect our country, we will be lost,” Lajos Kosa said.

Due to Islamic radicalism, Europe will “surely dismantle itself” if it fails to handle migration, he said.

Migration must be stopped, Kosa said. He lambasted MEP Anna Donath of the opposition Momentum, who had said migration was “a fake issue”, and Democratic Coalition head Ferenc Gyurcsany, who had called “dog poo a bigger problem than migration”. Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony had proposed to turn military barracks into “migrant camps”, he said.

He said no politician should be voted for unless they take a firm stand saying “we will stop migration, Hungary belongs to Hungarians!”.

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