The City Hall in Budapest – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz calls for probe into reported plans to sell Budapest City Hall building

The Budapest chapter of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party has called on Gergely Karacsony, the city's mayor, to order an investigation into reports that Budapest's leadership was planning to sell the City Hall building.

Zsolt Lang, the group leader of ruling Fidesz in Budapest’s municipal assembly, told a press conference on Wednesday that while “more and more audio recordings and documents are turning up” on the sale of the building, Karacsony was “heard either denying the plan or contradicting himself”.

Lang called on the city’s leadership to launch an investigation into the matter and clarify whether a study has been carried out on the sale of the building and if anyone had known about it and reviewed it.

He also called on Karacsony to clarify who had authorised the director of the Budapest asset management company to consult with market players on the study.

Lang cited the head of the asset management company as saying that once the refurbishment of Budapest’s City Hall Park was complete in 2024, the park would be demolished to make way for a new building.

He added that if Karacsony “doesn’t order an investigation, his behaviour will become very suspicious”.

Lang cited Karacsony as saying that the study on the potential sale of the City Hall building had been discussed at a cabinet meeting but the city’s leadership had not supported it. He said this made it hard for him to believe that Karacsony had not known of the plans to sell the building.

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