The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz: Brussels’s migration proposal ‘importing terror threat to Europe’

Istvan Hollik, the communications director of ruling Fidesz, on Thursday said Brussels was "importing the threat of terrorism to Europe" by "forcing the issue of mandatory quotas and migrant ghettos".

Brussels’s migration proposal is “an attack against European security”, Hollik said in a video posted on Facebook.

He said the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas in Israel last weekend had led to “extremists coming out of the woodwork” in major European cities and organising pro-Hamas rallies.

Hollik also warned that the terrorist attack and Israel’s military response to it could set off another migration wave towards Europe, giving radicals a chance to infiltrate the groups of illegal migrants.

Concerning the situation on Hungary’s southern border, Hollik said the people smuggling activities there were now being controlled by “radical Taliban” who were arming themselves and “becoming more aggressive than ever before”.

“But the decision-makers in Brussels don’t care about reality, and still don’t want to remove their blindfolds and recognise that they are importing the threat of terrorism to Europe by forcing the issue of mandatory quotas and migrant ghettos,” he said.

Change is needed in Brussels, because what they are doing poses a danger to Europeans and Hungarians, Hollik said.

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