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Fidesz benefits from improved sentiment

Fidesz and its Christian Democrat ally have benefitted from improved sentiment in the country, notwithstanding the war in Ukraine and sanctions, according to surveys by the Nezopont Institute and the pollster Median.

Nezopont said on Saturday that the majority of voters continue to support the ruling parties.

Whereas both Nezopont and Median found in December that two-thirds of Hungarians thought that the country was headed in the wrong direction, at the end of February and beginning of March, the proportion of pessimists dropped to 57 and 58 percent, the pollsters found respectively.

Nezopont found that the proportion of optimistic Hungarians increased from 26 percent to 32 percent, while Median registered 27 percent to 37 percent.

Nezopont found that 52 percent of decided voters supported the Fidesz-led coalition, while Median’s polling registered 51 percent.

The Democratic Coalition, the largest opposition party, had the support of 12 percent, according to Nezopont, while Median registered 14 percent.

Nezopont said 9 percent of respondents favoured the radical opposition Mi Hazank, while Median found the liberal Momentum with the same proportion.

The Two-Tailed Dog Party would garner a sufficient number of voters to enter parliament, according to both pollsters, while the conservative Jobbik party was borderline.

The other opposition parties would not get enough votes to cross the threshold for representation, according to both surveys.

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