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Fidesz accuses district mayor of ‘banning’ PM from local paper

Lenard Borbely, the mayor of Budapest's 21st district, has "banned" Prime Minister Viktor Orban from promoting a candidate of the ruling parties in the local district newspaper, Fidesz's local chapter said on Friday.

The party said Borbely, who was stripped of his Fidesz membership a year ago, has been “misleading and dividing conservative voters for years”. They said Borbely and his “pseudo-civic party” were “rebuilding the communist times of the 1950s”.

The ban “is a brutal attack on media freedom… Borbely and his lot have defiled the freedom of the media; moreover, they have profaned fundamental freedom of expression, the right to information and voting rights,” Fidesz said.

“They want to silence and ban from the political sphere the Hungarian prime minister and the mayoral candidate of Fidesz and Christian Democrats,” the party said in its statement.

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