Photo: MTI

Fidelitas stages demo in City Hall during assembly meeting

Activists of Fidelitas, the youth arm of ruling Fidesz, staged a demonstration against the foreign campaign financing of opposition parties during the municipal assembly meeting on Wednesday.

In the assembly hall, they displayed a banner showing the images of the son of financier George Soros, Alex, Peter Marky-Zay, the former prime-ministerial candidate of the united opposition in last year’s parliamentary election, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony and opposition Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany. The text read: “500 million forints raised in micro-donations? You think we’re fools?”.

The Fidelitas activists also distributed board game banknotes to councillors entering the hall and poured bundles of the notes into a donation box from two briefcases.

The action was staged after parliament’s national security committee on Monday released its report on “foreign influence in the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary election”, establishing that foreign donations in support of the united opposition had totalled 4.634 bn forints (EUR 12.5m).

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