Photo: MTI

Ferenc Gyurcsany: ‘Dare to fight for your freedom’

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the head of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), urged people to "dare to fight" for their freedom at a party gathering to mark the 175th anniversary of the 1848-49 revolution and freedom fight in Budapest on Wednesday.

Gyurcsany warned that otherwise people would “be disenfranchised and become the shame of the nation”.

He said DK would become “the home” for those opposed to governing Fidesz.

“DK follows a sensible, patriotic European policy with principles that are simple: people are free and must watch out for that freedom. Furthermore, the strong may not abuse their power, while the weak must be helped, because they’re people too,” he said.

Gyurcsany said people must “fight tyrants, not negotiate with them”.

“The Dobrev government is the solution”, he added.

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