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Farmer union, chamber collect signatures against Hodmezovasarhely land tax

Farmers union Magosz and the Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) have started collecting signatures against a land tax introduced in Hodmezovasarhely at the initiative of the city's mayor, Peter Marki-Zay.

Magosz head Istvan Jakab called on Marki-Zay to “give this game up”, adding that localities controlled by left-wing councils were likely to follow in Hodmezovasarhely’s footsteps.

Magosz will consult producers and landowners and do everything it can to stop the land tax, he said. Farmers who must operate in an open market and compete with farmers of other EU member states should not be put at a disadvantage, he told a press conference on Tuesday, adding that Marki-Zay’s measure was “totally unacceptable”.

NAK head Balazs Gyorffy said the land tax was a bad move amidst current “wartime conditions”, adding that it was “crazy” to place such a burden on farm producers. The tax may lead to a further increase in food prices, and this would also affect the poorest, he added.

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