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Family, children ‘most valued’ in Hungary, Western Europe, survey says

Family and children are valued above all else by Hungarians, the French, Germans, Italians and the British, and children are seen as the key to solving demographic problems, according to a survey carried out by Mathias Corvinus Collegium's (MCC) Youth Research Institute in February-March.

The telephone survey of a thousand people from each country showed that family is what is valued the most, MCC told MTI on Tuesday.

In the western European countries surveyed friends, free time, work, the nation, and religion and politics were considered important, whereas Hungarians valued work, religion and nation above all else, the survey found. Hungarians also wanted churches to play a greater role in society, according to the survey.

Also prized in the countries surveyed was inculcating a sense of responsibility, tolerance and good manners in the next generation, while passing on religious faith was seen as the least important prerogative.

Hungarians regard their own situation in relation to the previous generation as being easier compared with other nationalities, while the French were at the other end of the spectrum on this score.

As for future prospects, Italians and French were the gloomiest, while Hungarians had the sunniest outlook.

Meanwhile, Hungarians of different political views, religions and financial status enjoyed the easiest dialogue between them compared with the other nationalities surveyed.

Hungarians prefer gradual reforms in society compared with Italians and French, who are more open to radical changes, the survey found.

The solution to poverty in all countries was seen as job creation rather than benefits, and having children was seen as the solution to demographic problems rather than immigration.

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