Photo: MTI

Eurobarometer: Vast majority of Hungarians for humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Fully 86 percent of Hungarian respondents in the European Commission's Eurobarometer survey said they supported that the European Union should provide Ukraine's civilians with humanitarian aid.

According to the Eurobarometer report, published on Monday, 81 percent of Hungarian respondents said Ukrainian refugees should be granted asylum and 60 percent supported the community’s providing financial aid to Ukraine. Fully 59 percent agreed with the EU’s sanctions against Russia, and 56 percent are for banning broadcasts of the Russian state media in the EU. Forty-four percent said they supported sending military aid to Ukraine.

Concerning the European economy, 52 percent of Hungarian respondents said it was good, and 43 percent held the opposite view. Sixty-three percent of them said the Hungarian economy was in a bad state, and 36 percent were satisfied with the country’s performance.

Fifty-three percent of Hungarian participants said they trusted the EU’s institutions, and 41 percent were distrustful.

Eighty-seven percent of Hungarians said the EU should invest more in renewable energies.


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