EU immunity certificate available for travel

The European Union immunity certificate is available for travel within the EU effective July 1, said on Thursday.

Hungary was the first country to introduce an immunity certificate and an application showing vaccination details, and the country is now also introducing the EU immunity certificate, the website said. The bilingual Hungarian-English document is available for free in both digital and paper form, the statement added.

Citizens planning to travel within the EU are advised to download the digital document which comes in a standard format across the EU and includes a QR code or print it after logging in to the health portal EESZT.

The immunity certificate is not a travel document and it will not be issued or sent out to citizens automatically. The certificate is made available by the individual countries but it is valid in all EU countries.

Similarly to all other EU countries, Hungary will offer free entry to immunity certificate holders from all EU countries.

All vaccinated persons are eligible to receive the EU immunity certificate regardless of the type of vaccine used but member states have the right to decide which vaccines they accept and how many days must pass after the vaccination date. The immunity certificates are also available to persons who have recovered from Covid infection and can show PCR or antigen test results from the past 15-180 days.

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