Janos Boka – Photo: Facebook

EU affairs minister: Preserving member states’ sovereignty ‘our most important task’

Preserving the sovereignty and agency of member states is key to achieving Hungary's strategic goals and to protecting ethnic minorities, the minister of European affairs told a meeting of ethnic Hungarian MPs from the Carpathian Basin (KMKF) on Thursday.

The support and protection of ethnic minorities “is possible through preserving nation states and their ability to maintain their special connection to ethnic communities, rather than building a European protection and support system,” Janos Boka said.

“The nation as a political community and ethnic minorities are non-existent for the EU, or at least it does not see them as an asset worth protecting,” he added.

Hungary will use the enlargement process and the protection of cultural heritage to further the cause of ethnic minorities, he said.

Serbia could be the first state to join the EU with a special focus on improving the situation of ethnic minorities, he said.

During its upcoming presidency, Hungary will also hold a conference on the protection of cultural heritage in September, he added.

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