Janos Boka – Photo: Facebook

EU affairs minister: issue of war and peace at stake in EP election

At stake in the upcoming EP election is whether there will be war or peace, Hungary's EU affairs minister said on Thursday.

“European institutions have allowed, either purposefully or out of negligence, Europe to drift into the Russian-Ukrainian war,” Janos Boka said in a post on Facebook.

“And unless we send a strong message at the EP election that we do not support that process, in fact see it as dangerous and catastrophic, it will continue even after the ballot,” the minister said.

Boka said that the EU had failed in its efforts to improve the community’s competitiveness over the past five years just it had failed to tackle the migration crisis and offer prospects to Europe’s agricultural sector.

He said change was needed in Brussels to resolve those issues and “keep the [European] community out of war”.


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