Erdo: Pope’s visit showed Hungarians’ love for Holy Father

It was clear during the pope's visit on Sunday the love Hungarians feel for the Holy Father, Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, told public news channel M1.

Erdo said Pope Francis had expressed his joy at meeting such a large community of believers after a hiatus of nearly two years. The pontiff said he had felt the love of the people, Erdo added.

Francis celebrated Mass in Budapest, concluding the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. Press chief of the congress Tunda Zsuffa said the concluding Mass had attracted several hundred thousand participants.

Erdo said the outcome of the congress had been “pure catharsis” and the feeling that “Jesus is with us”, giving hope and meaning to life among all the hardships, even when humanity is grappling with problems and threats, such as the destruction of the environment, climate change and economic issues.

“Many questions emerged for which the answers are not yet evident,” he said. “We know that Christ is with us and God loves us, and that we must show each other love,” he added.

Erdo said whether people faced such problems as a cohesive community or with a grudge against each other was not a matter of indifference. Identifying with this notion would be a “blessed gift” for everyone, he added.

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