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Fidesz MEP slams EP resolution on concerns over Hungary

EP adopts resolution expressing concern over Hungary’s 2024 EU presidency

The European Parliament on Thursday passed a resolution condemning what it calls "deliberate and systematic efforts" to undermine EU values in Hungary, and expressing concern over Hungary taking over the bloc's rotating presidency in 2024.

In the resolution adopted with 442 votes in favour, 144 against and 33 abstentions, EU lawmakers call into question how Hungary would be able to credibly fulfil its role as president of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2024.

The EP emphasised the importance of the role of the Council president in “driving forward the Council’s work on EU legislation, ensuring the continuity of the EU agenda and representing the Council in relations with the other EU institutions”.

According to the resolution, the EP “questions how Hungary will be able to credibly fulfil this task in 2024, in view of its non-compliance with EU law and the values . as well as the principle of sincere cooperation”. The assembly therefore asks the Council “to find a proper solution as soon as possible”, and noted that the EP “could take appropriate measures if such a solution is not found”.

EU lawmakers also expressed their concern over the situation of EU values in Hungary, which they said had continued to deteriorate despite the EP launching the Article 7 procedure against the country.

The resolution condemns the government’s “anti-EU communication campaigns” which the EP said was “part of the government’s strategy to divert attention from its non-compliance with the values enshrined in Article 2 TEU and its systemic corruption”. In view of the 2024 European parliamentary and local elections, MEPs called on the Hungarian government to bring its conduct of elections in line with international standards.

The document calls attention to “reports about intimidation methods, such as visits by the secret police to some companies’ offices, and other forms of pressure being used by certain individuals known to be connected to the Prime Minister’s close circle or office”, which it said were aimed at “bringing those parts of the Hungarian industry deemed to be ‘strategic’ under their control”.

The EP also expressed concern over frozen EU funds and the delay in the relevant reforms.

Fidesz MEP slams EP resolution on concerns over Hungary

Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi said on Thursday that the “pro-war, left-wing members of the European Parliament cannot accept that Hungary stands by peace and rejects incitement to war”, in response to the adoption by MEPs of a resolution condemning Hungary. Speaking to Hungarian journalists after the vote, Hidveghi said that because its pro-peace position pressure on Hungary was continuing and intensifying in Brussels.

Hidveghi said Hungary’s left-wing MEPs had played an active role in the legislative body stepping up the pressure on Hungary, arguing that they had sponsored, supported and voted for the resolution.

He noted that, according to the resolution adopted on Thursday, the European Parliament would strip Hungary of the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union the country is due to hold in the second half of 2024. This, Hidveghi said, “is a gross violation of the effective EU treaties, which proves that if there is a rule of law and corruption problem, it is here in Brussels, and not in Budapest”.

He said it was an “interesting addendum to all this” that the resolution had also been supported by Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella, who was linked to the “Brussels corruption scandal” and had “only been released from prison a few days ago”.

“It’s shameful that the Hungarian left-wing MEPs who keep losing elections at home are working actively in Brussels to prevent the Hungarian people from getting the EU funds they are entitled to,” he said.

The “Hungarian dollar left” would be prepared to drag Hungary into the war in exchange for funding to be received from abroad, he said, adding that Hungary was sticking to its pro-peace position.

“We, the representatives of Fidesz-KDNP in the European Parliament reject the incitement to war and vote for peace,” Hidveghi said. “We will also preserve peace and security in Hungary at the government level, and won’t let ourselves be dragged into this conflict.”


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